Keeping Bugs Away from Your Dog Snuffle Mat

So, you’ve got this cool dog snuffle mat for your dog, but it’s attracting some unwelcome guests—bugs! Why does this happen, and how can you stop it?

Why are bugs coming?

Let’s break it down:

Leftover Snacks

The main reason bugs love snuffle mats is because of the leftover treats and crumbs. When your pup sniffs out snacks, they might leave behind tiny food bits that bugs find irresistible.

Lingering food smells

Even after your dog’s snacking session, the delicious food smell lingers on the mat like an open invitation for bugs looking for a tasty meal.

Unattended Mats

If your snuffle mat is left out in the open, especially outside, bugs see it as a cozy spot to explore and maybe even build their bug mansion.

Crumbs and Moisture

Crumbs stuck in the mat can trap moisture, creating a bug-friendly environment. This moisture can lead to mold growth, making the mat even more appealing to bugs.

Seasonal Bug Boom

Bugs tend to get active during certain seasons. Ants might drop by during the warm months, while flies and other pests could visit in the summer.

Health Hazards

Bugs crawling on the mat can carry diseases. If your dog comes into contact with them or munches on them, it could lead to health issues.

How to Deal with It

Now that we’ve cracked the bug code, here are some simple ways to keep those pests away from your dog’s snuffle mat:

Quick Cleanup

After your dog’s snuffle session, do a quick cleanup. Get rid of any crumbs and food bits. Bugs won’t stick around if there’s nothing to snack on.

Store smart

When it’s not playtime, store the snuffle mat inside, away from bugs’ prying eyes. It’s like hiding the treasure!

Keep Watch

While your dog’s on the mat, keep an eye out. Make sure they’re not leaving behind crumbs. If they do, clean up ASAP.

Dry It Out

Before storing the mat, make sure it’s completely dry. Bugs love moisture, so give it a good air-drying if needed.

Skip Outdoor Adventures

As much as your dog might love it, try to keep snuffle mat time indoors. Bugs are less likely to crash the party indoors.


If bugs just don’t quit, consider using pet-friendly bug control around the mat’s area.


With these tricks up your sleeve, you and your dog can enjoy snuffle mat adventures without any pesky bugs in the way. Keeping the mat clean, dry, and bug-free ensures it remains a fun and safe treat-seeking travel for your furry friend.