Purrfect Perches: Mastering the Art of Cat Shelf Selection

Owning a cat means understanding their love for high perches. This guide delves into how to choose the best cat shelves and perches, ensuring your cat’s happiness and safety.

The advantages of cat perches

Cat perches provide significant advantages, including enhancing physical activity through climbing, promoting emotional well-being by offering high vantage points, stimulating window views for mental engagement, and expanding living space for a more fulfilling environment.

Enhancing physical activity

Cat shelves provide an excellent opportunity for cats to engage in natural activities like climbing and jumping, crucial for their physical health.

Emotional well-being

Elevated spots satisfy a cat’s instinct to observe their environment, significantly reducing their stress levels.

Stimulating window views

Positioning perches near windows offers cats endless entertainment and a cozy spot for sunbathing.

Expanding living space

Installing shelves and perches around your home effectively enlarges your cat’s territory, promoting a sense of well-being.

Selecting the ideal cat shelves and perches

Choosing the perfect cat shelves and perches entails finding the right location, selecting from various types and sizes, prioritizing durable and safe materials, ensuring easy maintenance, and considering additional engaging features.

Strategic location

Consider your cat’s preferred areas and habits when choosing locations for shelves and perches.

Variety of perch types

Wall-mounted: Great for compact spaces.

Freestanding: Suitable for larger rooms.

Mixed Types: Combine both for versatility.

Considering size and complexity

Select the complexity of the perch (single, double, or multi-level) based on your cat’s personality and your space.

Material matters

Choose materials that are resilient and safe for cats, like solid wood and sisal rope.

Ensuring safety

Prioritize structures that offer stability and security to prevent accidents.

Maintenance-friendly designs

Opt for perches that are easy to clean and maintain, with detachable and washable parts.

Additional features

Consider shelves with extra amenities like scratch pads, cozy nooks, and playful accessories.

Top recommendations for cat perches and shelves

Top cat perch and shelf picks include SkyPaws Wall Shelves, Cattree King Condo, Catastrophic Creations Ledges, Catit Style Board, Furhaven Tiger Tough Tree, and Egatpo Wall-Mounted Hammock.

SkyPaws Cat Wall Shelves

An innovative solution, offering various levels for active climbing and resting.

Cattree King Cat Condo

A multi-level cat tree, perfect for homes with several cats, featuring sisal posts and cozy hideaways.

Catastrophic Creations Cat Wall Ledges

A set of chic and sturdy ledges, easily mountable and covered in comfortable faux fur.

Catit Style Board

A unique, multi-functional piece doubling as a scratcher and resting spot.

Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree

A robust cat tree, designed to withstand intense scratching and playing.

Egatpo Wall-Mounted Cat Hammock

A plush, wall-mounted hammock, perfect for leisurely lounging and observing the surroundings.

Styling your cat shelves and perches

Style your cat shelves and perches to match your home’s aesthetic, whether it’s modern and streamlined, earthy and natural, fun and quirky, or elegantly classic.

Modern and streamlined

Opt for clean, minimal designs in neutral colors for a modern touch.

Earthy and natural

Choose shelves with natural wood finishes and textures for a rustic feel.

Fun and quirky

Select playful designs with bright colors and engaging shapes for added fun.

Elegantly classic

Go for shelves with traditional designs, featuring ornate details and rich wood tones.

DIY solutions for cat shelves

DIY cat shelf solutions range from the simple board and bracket approach, upcycled window perches, industrial-chic concrete platforms, to creatively designed tiered ladder shelves.

Simple board and bracket approach

A straightforward method using boards and brackets for a custom look.

Upcycled window perches

Transform old windows into charming perches with a vintage flair.

Industrial-chic concrete platforms

Combine concrete and wood for a trendy, industrial-style perch.

Tiered ladder shelves

Create a custom, multi-level climbing area using varying lengths of wood.

Selecting the best cat shelves: key considerations

Tailor your choice to your cat’s size, habits, and preferences.

Accurately measure the intended installation area.

Read customer reviews to gauge product reliability.

Choose durable, cat-friendly materials.

Ensure the structure is well-built and equipped with engaging features.

Prioritize easily cleanable and detachable designs.

Avoid features that may damage your interior.


By thoroughly considering these aspects, you can create an enriching and safe environment for your feline friend. Watch them joyfully explore and lounge in their new elevated spaces!