What are the categories of door lock actuators?

Door lock actuators have been classified into different categories. Door lock actuators are the types of machines in which you can convert the mechanical energy of a machine into its motion energy. It is a very beneficial type and people have benefited from this technique. This type of door lock actuator has made this technique very beneficial and beautiful manner that you can get a good advantage out of it.

When you are going to talk about the classification of these locks you should have to be well known about the working of these actuators here you can classify the door lock actuators into different categories. These categories are made based on the doors in which they are being fitted. The look door actuators are classified based on the machines and the areas where they are being used. You can use these as a beneficial way to earn.

Categories of the door lock actuators

The categories of a total of activators is very great. You can classify them into different categories, some of which are as under.

Biometric door lock actuators

Biometric door locks actuators made the opening of the door a very great thing. In this, you have to do the biometric analysis of your hand or your finger. But you must note that you will only apply a single finger on your first attempt. And then it will become biometric. So you simply have to press the finger on the machine and the door will automatically be opened. This type of biometric door lock actuator is used in different big buildings in business areas.

Electronic keypads

Now you have either seen that in the big departmental areas, there are electronic keypads, but you are not able to identify for what purpose they are being used. So these electronic keypads are used for the opening of the automatic door lock actuators that are fitted in the area.

These bold actuators are present in the community departmental areas and have benefited the people to the maximum. You can get a good advantage out of it and you will attack create benefit.

Remote control

The remote control method is also a beneficial way to open the door. Here you will get a remote from which you have to open the door. This is a very beneficial way and you can easily open the door on the pesos of your classification. And here you have to be careful because if you will enter any wrong step or any wrong thing you will not open it again. So the door lock actuators are beneficial. They can also be harmful in many other cases.

Pin code Keypad

The keypad door lock activator is a system in which you have to give a different pin and you have to insert it to open the door. These pins are very secret and they are being used in the army departmental areas and you have to keep the spin very secret.

You have to simply apply the pin on the keypad and you will open the door automatically. it will create the amount of benefits being given to the people in this regard.


The door lock actuators are divided into different categories and types and it depend upon the function and the working of the doors. These two lock actuators have benefited people through the great and you can and a great amount from this use of the door lock actuators.

There are a lot of benefits of these door lock actuators, but you can get them and you will use them efficiently. Thus the dour-lock actuator will benefit you to the maximum.